Xetolacw Community School Staff

Kindergarten - Eleanor Wallace

Grade 1 - Paul L

Grade 2 & 3 - Rosa Andrew

Grade 4 - Tess Marining

Grade 5 - Michelle Crewe

Grade 6 - Paul

Grade 7 - Pam Cook

Verna Stager Education Director

Verna Stager Education Director

Verna Stager

Education Director

Bachelor of General Studies – Simon Fraser University

Professional Teaching Certificate

Master of Education Administration – University of British Columbia

Minor in Early Childhood Education

Minor in Learning Disabilities

Eleanor Wallace Kindergarten

Eleanor Wallace Kindergarten

Eleanor Wallace

Traditional Name; ‘Mam ma ma’

Kindergarten Teacher

Simon Fraser University; Standard Teaching Certificate

“I have worked at our XCS for many years. I love working with our students from our community! I cannot picture myself working anywhere else. Love my job!!”

Paul Lammens  Grade one 2012

Paul Lammens  Grade one 2012

Paul Lammens

Traditional Name; N’anwas qelten

Grade 1

Honours Bachelor of Physical and Health Education – Laurentian University

Bachelor of Education - Master of Teaching Program Elementary Generalist – University of Calgary

Xet’olacw Community School is set in a breath taking landscape. This mixed with the rich Lil’wat Culture and the friendly people who live here make the teaching experience a lovely affair. I am so happy to come to school every morning to see the curious and inquiring minds. I have learned so much from the Lilw’at Culture and continue to feel blessed to be in such a beautiful place with such amazing people.

Rosa Andrew Grade 2&3

Rosa Andrew Grade 2&3

I am very excited to be back teaching at XCS.
I had a busy summer at UBC taking summer courses
(Where Art Meets Life and Aboriginal Epistemology and Curriculum)
for my Administration and Leadership Masters Program which will be completed in May 2013.
I will be teaching Grade Two and Three this year and look forward to the learning journey.

Michelle Crewe Grade 5

Michelle Crewe Grade 5

Michelle Crewe

Grade 5 Teacher

Honors B.A. in Sociology – York University

Minor B.A. in Political Science – York University

B.Ed – Simon Fraser University

Minor B.Ed – Learning and developmental Disabilities

TESOL Certificate (Teaching English to speakers of other languages – Vancouver Community College

I am enjoying teaching at XCS and building relationships with the students, parents and colleagues. I also enjoy seeing how much my students have learned over the course of the year.

Haley Cohen

Haley Cohen

High school Teacher

Joanna Hindle
Joanna Hindle

With an English Literature degree from Queen’s University and a Bachelors of Education from McGill, I’ve taught high school for over ten years and joined the staff at the Xet’olacw Community School in 2011. Most of my classes focus on Language Arts and Social Studies, and I try to introduce different Arts from a wide variety of cultures into each course.

It is such an exciting time to be a part of the XCS community – I am inspired every day by the positive changes that are occurring in our school and feel supported by the teamwork and dedication of our staff. Such bright futures lie ahead of the young people of this community; it is an honour to help open the world’s opportunities to them.

Mark Gabriel High School 2012

Mark Gabriel High School 2012

Cindi Peters TA

Cindi Peters TA

Glads Joe librarian 19** to 2012

Glads Joe librarian 19** to 2012

 Gladys Joe


Langara College; Library Technician Diploma

“Working at XCS has been awesome for the many years I worked here. Many challenges as well, but challenges makes us good at what we do.”

Tanya R.
Tanya R.

Tanya Richman, Child and Youth Therapist

Canadian Clinical Counsellor (CCC)

Work days: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday


  • Bachelor of Arts, Psychology at Dalhousie University
  • Bachelor of Education, Secondary at McGill University
  • Master of Counseling Psychology at City University

I moved to Whistler in 1992 to learn to snowboard - wow, that was a long time ago! Whistler was a bit glossy for me and I moved up to Area C in 1995. I have worked at PSS, MCFD Child and Youth Mental Health and here at Xet'olacw Community School. I love my work here with the students and community at XCS. I am passionate about health and social justice and enjoy having abnormal conversations about any subject. Feel free to stop by the counseling area in the intermediate building to have a look around!

Work days: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

Vania Stager
Vania Stager

Vania Stager - N'kakihen Kastitsa

  • XCS Computer Technician Assistant
  • Xet'olacw Community School- Grade 12 Graduate
  • Capilano College- Art & Anthropology
  • Kwantlen University/College- Entrepreneurship
  • Lil'wat Ambassador Training & World Host
  • Aboriginal Best - Entrepreneurship Training
  • Academy of Learning- Computer Training
  • Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre – Aboriginal Cook Training Program / BC Food Safe / WHMIS
  • John Powell- Fashion Design Apprenticeship

I'm so happy to be working at Xet'olacw, the school I proudly graduated from.

I am also a Singer with "Kalan Wi" and hope to start a singing club with XCS students.

I've had many dreams in my life, and have reached for all of my dreams through education,

dedication and practise.

I strongly believe in our culture, school, and our children, and helping them achieve their goals,

and dreams, while maintaining a sense of pride in being a part of the Lil'wat Nation.

My biggest dream is that our community speaks 'Ucwalmicwts'; The Lil'wat Language, fluently.

Our school works towards this important goal, I'm grateful to be a part of the wonderful XCS Staff.

Kukstumckacw - Thank you

Dean Nelson. PE what is that thing that is holding you LOL

Dean Nelson. PE

what is that thing that is holding you LOL